Do you want to make sure the home you’re thinking about buying is in good condition? Liberty Inspections is a veteran-owned company that can provide you with a certified professional inspector to conduct home inspection services in Paducah, Kentucky on your behalf. Our inspectors are capable of performing comprehensive home inspections using the latest tools and techniques like thermal imaging equipment and high-definition cameras.

During your home inspection, Liberty Inspections will assess the condition of the roof, the foundation, the electrical and plumbing systems, the HVAC system and more. Our inspectors can even use extendable pole cameras to view steep-pitched roofs, gutters, attics and other places that would be impossible to inspect otherwise.

Liberty Inspections offers more than just home inspection services, too. Our certified professional inspectors can perform both commercial and residential inspections in Paducah, Kentucky. Liberty Inspections can even return to homes and businesses later to perform limited scope inspections that will reveal if repairs were made following their initial inspections.

Whether you’re a home buyer searching for a certified professional inspector, a real estate agent or a business owner, Liberty Inspections can help.

Call (270) 350-7272 to learn more about the commercial and residential inspections we offer in Paducah, Kentucky today.