Our Home Inspection Services

Comprehensive Home Inspections

Liberty Inspections provides a full range of home inspection services to home buyers, home sellers, and anyone interested learning more about the state of their home. Our services will help you identify problems and warning signs before they develop into larger, more costly issues.Liberty Inspections uses the latest technology to enhance your home inspection.

Tools such as pole cameras, which is a high definition camera that is mount on a 36 foot pole so we can perform visual inspection of steep pitched roofs, the inside of gutters and parts of the attic that can not be safely inspected by the inspector.

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Liberty Inspections uses special thermal imaging equipment to look for signs of water intrusion, missing insulation and other defects that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Infrared Image thermal camera home inspection


Limited Scope Inspections

After our comprehensive inspection, we may return to conduct a limited scope inspection or re-inspection. This usually occurs after the seller makes the agreed upon repairs. We return to inspect only the repaired items to ensure that the repairs have been done satisfactorily.

Schedule Your Home Inspection Now

Request a home inspector in Clarksville, Hopkinsville, Cadiz, and the surrounding areas. You can book your home inspection at a date and time most convenient for you. You can schedule your inspection over the phone by giving us a call at (270) 350-7272 or contacting us.