Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Here are a few reasons why you should have a home inspection:

A home inspection covers many aspects of your home, from safety to functionality.

Uncover potential safety issues.

During a Liberty Inspections’ home inspection, we check your home from the inside out to detect any safety issues. The inspector will check both the interior and exterior of the home to ensure nothing is present that could harm your health or safety. Let us detect important issues to keep you out of harm’s way such as electrical problems, active leaks, loose railings, and tripping or falling hazards. Every home inspection includes a room-by-room review as well as investigations into crawl spaces, attics, and any other accessible parts of the home.

Know what you’re buying.

A home inspector can identify serious defects and potential hazards before you make a major money investment. If you buy without first conducting a home inspection, you could end up making a larger commitment than you realize, locked into fixing problems you didn’t know where there to begin with. A home inspector’s report will help you make a more informed decision. Many home buyers believe they’re buying a perfect home. However, trouble may be lurking just beneath the floorboards or even within the walls. Home inspectors are trained to spot the most subtle signs and identify what’s behind a wall without the need to open it up.

Identify issues prior to closing to save money.

The cost of a home inspection is often recouped when the inspector identifies issues to be repaired prior to buying or selling. This prevents unexpected out-of-pocket costs before it’s too late. Our home inspectors have experience identifying safety hazards, evidence of possible structural issues, water leaks, and more. We’re knowledgeable in the most common issues to affect Tennessee and Kentucky properties such as basement flooding and foundation settlement. These types of flaws can end up costing you a lot of money if not detected early.

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